Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Sourpuss Shower Curtains are In!

(Click for Larger Image.)
This week we are featuring a set of new Shower Curtains showcasing amazing images: from the Ghoulish 'Oh the Horror!' print to the lovely image of Bettie Page, and a ton in between! These are perfect to add a touch of Sourpuss to your bath!

Also if you're in the area: come visit us at the LA Derby Dolls Bout this weekend, in Los Angeles!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beki Tops are In!

(Please click on each image to view larger)

This week we are featuring the 60's inspired, elastic sleeved, button detailed, stretch jersey top. Cute, stretchy, and in a variety of colors: jump over to our site to pick yours up today! Also: if you are in/around Bakersfield come see our booth at the 2011 Dustbowl Invitational, and grab some great Sourpuss gear and support Bakersfield Roller Derby!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Reviews from!

So the good folks over at have recently reviewed a collection of our awesome, undead goods on their page. Head to the link to see our items reviewed, and read about a TON of other zombie stuff!

And if you like what you see, go over to our site (SourpussClothing) and snag some great, creepy gear for your favorite shambling horror!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Patchwork Sugar Skull Cardigans are Here!

Celebrate the dead and stay warm in our cute and colorful Patchwork Skull Cardigans. See all the color options at Sourpuss Clothing!

Sourpuss at Punk Rock Bowling!

Hey everyone! We here at Sourpuss are excited to announce our teaming up with and helping to sponsor this year's Punk Rock Bowling and music fest in Las Vegas, taking place from May 27th -May 30th.

Headlining this year's 3 day fest are the Dropkick Murphys, the Descendents, and Cock Sparrer; in their first ever show in Las Vegas, and promising to play all the hits! Along with these 3 there are a ton of other great bands playing (check out the full list at the fest site) and so much more to do.

So, if you're in the area (or even if you're not ) you should come check out the bowling, music, poker, food, and your friends from Sourpuss at this amazing 3 day fest, all set against the always-fun backdrop of Las Vegas!

We hope to see you there!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sourpuss is in Rebel Ink, Right Now!

Hey everybody, you should check out this months copy of Rebel Ink magazine. Not only is it full of great tattoo artwork, but, also: an interview with Sourpuss and a great spread of photos featuring some of our favorite items!

Look for it wherever you buy your favorite tattoo magazines, or check it out online here or in Rebel Ink. Look for the cover with one of our favorite celeb couples: Bombshell McGee and Michael Lohan!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stay Dry with Sourpuss Umbrellas!

What's New This Week!

★ Retro-A-Gogo Rings and Novelty Boxes
★ Tarina Tarantino Rings, Earrings, and Necklaces

Anchor and Skull Doormats
★ Loungefly Bags and Wallets
Irregular Choice shoes
Bettie Page Heels
T-Shirts from: Lucky Mule, Lucky 13, and Sullen
★ Dickies Girl Spring Bottoms
Tuk Heels and Anchor Creepers
★ Tripp NYC Patterned Skinny Jeans

New From Sourpuss!

Cats, Rats and Bats, Bat Attack, and I Want Yer Skull Zip Shirts
Bat Attack Dresses
I Want Yer Skull and Black Heart Dresses
Patchwork Skull Cardigans and Tanks
Tie Front TanksNew Merc Items
Pink Anchor and Rose Cardigans
Zombie Bat and Cupcake Skull Vixen Skirts
Beki Tops in Red, Pink, Teal, and Black
Creepy Tees with Terror, Monster, and Horror Prints
Creepy Pillows
★ Shower Curtains with Bettie Page, Screwed, Fishnet, Zombie, and Oh the Horror Prints
Old School and Cats, Rats, and Bats Kitchen Sets
Old School and Coffin Beach Towels
Kiss and Ramones Gym Class Tees and Onesies
Anchor Gingham Kids' Button Ups
Webbed Cupcake Kids Cardigans

Upcoming Events!

March 4th - 6th

Hampton Roads Tattoo Arts Festival Hampton VA March 4th - 6th
Forbidden Fantasy Car Show Moreno Valley March 13th
Monster Mania Cherry Hill, NJ March 11th - 13th
Dustbowl Invitational Bakersfield CA March 26th - 27th

Visit us at!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sourpuss Welcomes the Colorful, Creepy Tarina Tarantino

Sourpuss is excited to welcome a collection of the wonderful Tarina Tarantino's jewelery and accessories into our catalog! These designs are colorful, creepy, and cute and will brighten up and make more morbid any outfit you could pair them with.

Check the other designs out here!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sourpuss is Proud to Welcome Fluff!

What's New This Week!

Fluff (Makeup Cases, Coin Purses, Luggage Tags)
★ Dickies Shorts

★ Fred Perry (Track Jackets, Girls Polos, Bags)
★ New PVC Heels
Iron Fist (American Nightmare Heels)
★ Lip Service (Girls Socks, Necklaces, Cardigans)
Merc (Bags, Guys' Button Down Plaids, Girls' Items)
Sullen (Guys' and Girls' T-Shirts, Hats)
Tripp Girls' Camo Pants
Penthouse Heels
New Bettie Page Heels
Ramones and Kiss Gym Class Tees and Onesies

★ Merc (Harringtons, Black Button Downs and Red Tartan Shirts, Bowling Bags)
★ Dickies (Leggings and Red and Black Nurse Dresses)
★ Lucky 13 (Jackalope Wallet and Guys' Dillinger Shirt)

★ Tripp Girls' Camo Pants
★ Sourpuss Black Widow V-Neck

★ Sourpuss Horror Pillows

★ Sourpuss Beach Towels

Current and Upcoming Events:
Musink March 4th - 6th
Hampton Roads Tattoo Arts Festival Hampton VA March 4th - 6th
Forbidden Fantasy Car Show Moreno Valley March 13th
Monster Mania Cherry Hill, NJ March 11th - 13th
Dustbowl Invitational Bakersfield CA March 26th - 27th