Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Your Favorite Sourpuss styles are restocked

21 Of your favorite items are back! This includes the Out To Sea Dress and the Bat Attack dresses you've all been asking about.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Iron Fist and Fred Perry Sale!

All of our Fred Perry and Iron Fist merch is being marked down for the next 3 days (Nov. 28th-30th) by 25%! Get yours while the sale lasts!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Duane Peters w/ Bettie Page shower curtain

So, I'm a huge Duane Peters fan! This morning I received this video. You'll see our Bettie Page shower curtain in the bathroom, Ya- this rocks my socks!

Duane Peters & The Great UnWashed - BEAUTIFUL TRAGEDY

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday Deals, Scarves, and Hats from Sourpuss!

Happy holidays everyone! We're excited to face the cold weather wrapped up in our new jacquard Scarves (complete with hidden pockets, for hiding presents) in Sink or Swim and Los Muertos prints and warm, sherpa lined Trapper Hats to match!

Also: We're having a HUGE Black Friday (and Saturday, and Sunday) sale: We're offering 20% off everything! EVERYTHING! Just enter the code SOURFRIDAY at checkout to get this ridiculous discount! (Retail customers only.)

And use it to stock up for the holidays on new items from:
Sourpuss • Lucky 13 • Kikkerland • Warrior • Retro-A-G0-G0 • And a bunch more!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hand Turkey Contest Winners!

Congrats to the winner of our first ever Sourpuss Hand Turkey Contest! Heather R. with her turkey Gary Gobbles made out of hand felted wool, wearing his favorite Sourpuss Winter items: Sink or Swim Trapper Hat and Scarf!
And Runners up to the Contest:
Anne C.'s Zombie Turkey-Hand, wearing a variation of the Kreepsville 'Dead Girl' Ring.
And Erin C.'s Bad SOB turkey! Live fast, gobble hard.

Congrats everybody, and thanks for all of your amazing entries!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Ship Dates and Return Policies

Shipping your holiday orders are our priority!

Important Contacts:
Product questions or need an order expedited? Please call
856-406-4329 Mon- Fri 9-5 EST or after hours:

Tracking or Lost Packages? Please call us 856-742-0075 Mon- Fri 9-5 EST
or after hours:

Domestic Ship Dates:
Please keep in mind UPS will not operate on the days below which will ad a 1 one day delay in shipping your packages.

-Thanksgiving Day - November 24, 2011
-Day after Thanksgiving - November 25, 2011 (pick up of air and international only)
-Christmas (observed) - December 26, 2011

Last day to ship ground to California is December 16th

Exchanges or Returns

Click here for our general Returns Policy.

We are offering FREE USPS SHIPPING within the United States on Exchanged items through January 15th

•Please only return items that have not been worn, are free of odor and with hangtags.

Sourpuss Clothing
5070 Central Highway Unit A
Pennsauken NJ 08109 USA

Friday, November 18, 2011

Our Favorite 25 Gifts for Under $20!

(Click Above for Larger Version!)
Get your friends and family something nifty from this list. Everything on here is so cool they will think you spent so much more on them then you did. It will be our little secret….

1. OCTOPUS ETCHED PINT GLASS- Get that boozehound in your life something he'll actually enjoy… A new pint glass! Choose the anchor or octopus design.

2. ROLLER DERBY XMAS ORNAMENTS- Skate your way into that special gal's life by stuffing her stocking with two… Yes two roller derby ornaments!

3. OCTOPUS COFFEE MUG- Have a Happy Cephalopodmas by giving that special someone a mug full of terror & tentacles!

- Perfect gift idea for those Salt & Pepper Shaker collectors out there!

- Give one to a friend and one to yourself and you both can have a grand ole' time together this holiday! They come in black smoke, pink or clear!

- Bacon rules… Yes we know that's true! So get everyone you know a bacon air freshener!

7. BLOCKHEAD DICE- Pick your favorite blockhead to give to all of your friends! Choose from Tiki, Monster, or Shrunken Head!

8. MATRYOSHKA KEY CAPS- We have so many Key Covers & Key Caps to choose from! These make great stocking stuffers!

9. DEEP SEA SQUID BOTTLE OPENER- Have a Squid-a-licious Christmas by cracking' open some cold ones!

10. SOURPUSS SOCKS- Everyone's favorite thing to get for Christmas… Socks! Get a pair for everyone in the fam!

11. SHIP TATTOO PORCELAIN PLATE- Have you been a bit naughty this year? Bribe Santa with a tasty treat on one of these fine lookin' tattoo porcelain plates! Choose from an anchor, heart, ship or swallow tattoo plate.

12. SPARROW MITTENS BLACK/GRAY- Tired of your friends complaining about the cold weather? Well now you can shut them up by getting them their own pair of mittens! Choose from blk/gray, black/red or black/white.

- What better way to say Happy Holidays then by giving the gift of a brass knuckle tenderizer?!

14. LUCKY 13 GUITAR PICKS- Perfect gift for that guitar rockin' guy or gal!

15. SWEET CALAVERAS KITCHEN SET- Give the gift that will have your gal cookin' up tasty treats all year round! Choose from Sweet Calaveras, Cupcake or Galley Ho matching potholder & oven mitt sets.

16. CHEESEBURGER KITCHEN TIMER- Brrrrrring! Brrrrrrring! No excuse now for a burnt holiday dinner! Helpful and Tasty!

17. OH DEER! SOAP DISPENSER- Oh Deer! Don't know what to give this holiday? How about this adorably cute deer soap dispenser?! No one can resist his charm!

- Who doesn't love getting rad patches in their stocking?! Choose from Tiki Mingo, Voodoo Lux, Shrinky Dink, Cherry Pop or our favorite the Eyetini patch!

19. SUGAR SKULL XMAS ORNAMENT BLUE- We love handmade stuff here and we really love sugar skulls! So check out these handmade sugar skull ornaments. Choose from blue, purple, pink, orange or green.

20. FLOATI PENS- Great little, fun & exciting stocking stuffers!!! Choose from a Squid Attacking a ship, Yeti running through the forest or Mt. Stachemore…. See I said they were exciting!

21. BETTIE PAGE RINGS- Put some bling on that girl's finger this holiday with our Betti Page rings! Choose from red, clear or pink

- This holiday switch it up and make your very own sugar skulls out of chocolate or sugar! Make minis, large skulls or your own Guadalupe!

23. PINUP GIRLS SHOT GLASSES- The holidays are an excuse to drink with friends... So, give the gift of these pretty ladies to someone and you two can share drinks all the way through till New Years!

- Everyone wears shoes, so everyone needs a new pair of laces this Christmas. Choose from Eat Brains, B*tches Get Stitches, Bloodshed plus many more!

25. BACON CANDY CANES- Let's end this list with a sizzlin' bacony item! They're so good, you'll want to buy them for yourself…. Okay buy them for your friends too. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

See What's Cooking with New Sourpuss Kitchen Wares!

(Click Above for Larger Versions!)

Things are heating up with our new Kitchen Wares, including matching Aprons, Tea Towels, and Kitchen Sets (with Pot Holders and Oven Mitts) in Anchor, Calaveras, and Cupcake Prints: Perfect for looking good while preparing any delicious meal!

Also: Make sure to take advantage of our AWESOME blowout sale on shoes, where ALL Guys and Gals footwear is on sale for 15% off.

And finally, if your looking for a great live show, make sure to check out the Returners, on tour now until December, bringing their brand of gothic, pyschobilly, punk to a town (hopefully) near you! See their tour daters here: Events.

15% Off all shoes November 17th-24th!

We're having a shoe sale! All guys and gals footwear has been marked down 15% for one week!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sourpuss' First Ever Hand Turkey Contest!

(Click Above for Larger Image!)

  • Contest will start on November 11th. Contest will end on November 21st at 5pm EST.
  • The 3 Winners will be announced on November 22nd.
  • The winners will receive -
            1. Grand prize winner - $100.00 Sourpuss gift certificate
            2. 2nd place runner up - $50.00 Sourpuss gift certificate
            3. 3rd place runner up - $50.00 Sourpuss gift certificate
          1. Full name
          2. Email address
          3. Your location
          4. Picture of hand turkey
          5. A brief description of your hand turkey
  • Your hand turkeys will be judged by a panel of four "in house" experts.
  • The winner will be posted on the Sourpuss Clothing blog and the Sourpuss Facebook site.
  • Hand turkeys will be judged on:
              1. Creativity
              2. Effort
              3. Sheer Awesomeness
  • You are encouraged to use Sourpuss items in your design. Please feel free to use any and all mediums you can think of. Glitter, crochet, the computer, candy, etc. The more time and effort put in to your submission, the better.
  • Contestants must be over the Age of 18.
  • By entering, you agree to allow Sourpuss to display your submitted photos on our website and other social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Blogspot.
  • By submitting photos to the contest, you are verifying that you are the owner of the sent photos. (This means NO STEALING!)
Good luck! We can't wait to see all the amazing entries!
Entries are rolling in! Send yours to get it featured here!

Brittany L.
"This is my literal interpretation of a "hand turkey." As you can see, she enjoys feasting on human hands. Her favorite delicacy is a HAND-which and her weapons of choice are turkey carving tools."

Harrington H.
"Sheldon A. Turkey. A rockin' turkabilly, who loves a good party and diggs the chicks."

Jennifer S.
"My turkey hand is to honor The Day of The Dead. I find the beauty of sugar skulls very fascinating. I simply adore the life it brings to something as morbid as a skull, or the idea of death. It shows you that life, does, go on through death."

Kelly A.
"My Frankenstein turkey is getting cooked to life with lightening!"

Bridget H.
"My hand turkey is not a local. She is not really up on what the whole Thanksgiving thing is about. I guess she’ll figure it out sooner or later...."

Anika B.
"I was influenced by collage and Mexican folk art. I used mixed media, including paper, feathers and paint."

Rachael S.
"This turkey is proud to be different! Like Sourpuss, he's original, colorful, creative, and from outside of the box (even though he's made from boxes)."

Rachel L.
"The picture background is a Sourpuss t-shirt. I used a variety of different sizes of safety pins, grommets, spikes, and other miscellaneous objects in forming the turkey. It represents Cali style tats, heavy metal, and an undying fight for individuality. The dead seahorse is an actual dead seahorse skeleton."

Erin C.
"This turkey is one bad son of a b*tch! He likes to hang out in alleys and party with lady birds. Live fast, gobble hard."

Heather R.
"This is Gary Gobbles, he is made entirely out of 100% raw wool batting and is needle felted by hand, where a barbed needle is poked repeatedly into wool until it forms the desired shape and firmness. He is wearing the Sourpuss "Sink or Swim Trapper Hat" and "Sink or Swim Scarf" in black and white. His dark brown feathers form a hand."

Jillian G.
"I made my hand turkey with a psychobilly, zombie flare inspiration. Bits and pieces put together from other turkeys, like a Bird of Frankenstein. Of course she is showing off her Sourpuss Clothing. :)"

Anne C.
"My design is a 'Zombie Turkey-Hand,' which is basically what would happen if Frankenstein's creator wanted to combine a hand and a turkey. Weird!
It's also wearing a variation of the Kreepsville 'Dead Girl' ring."

Scott E.
"Tom the turkey thinks Sourpuss Clothing rocks and hopes to convince them to start a line of clothing that focuses on clients with wings!"

Brad U.
" "Blue, The Bone-Gobbler" roams your local cemeteries and devours all lost souls who still wander aimlessly. He also rocks the F#*K out in his spare time. All the way to hell and back!"
Courtney M.
"Please put your hands together for the latest Sourpuss model, Trixie the Turkey! With her bright Manic Panic colored feathers, she looks a treat on the runway in the latest accessories. She is showing off her Bunny wrist cuff, Kreepsville knuckle necklace and Kreepsville cleaver purse. Get yours now!"

Jeanne B.
"I decided to make turkey shaped sugar cookies."

Chris R.
"My hand turkey is a ZOMBIE HAND TURKEY! He was supposed to be dinner, but rose from the dead Thanksgiving morning! He craves stuffing instead of brains, but dangerous nonetheless!"

Becka M.
"This is "dinner". My beer can hand turkey.
He is proudly sporting his flaming crown and his bloody gobbler, in hopes that someone will think he's so cute they will eat the tater tots instead of him."

Larissa R.
"My Hand Turkey thinks turkeys are too mainstream, so she decided to be a pin-up peacock!"

Amanda P.
"This is my hand turkey. She is all ready for thanksgiving, not just ready to be eaten!"

Andrea N.
"Meet Turkey The Crumbling-ArmBiter. He is a lonely guy for the most part, seeking attention in the most unlikely places. I made this hand turkey using a Kreepsville Horror Hand patch that Sourpuss sells online."

Tiffany P.
"Lola is no sour puss, contrary to her awesome clothes from! Don't try to pull her off the table, it's where she has the most fun! Lola is wearing a Sailors Rose Girl Tee, Dickies Skinny Red Jeans and a Voodoo Skull bow clip!"

Frank E. & Cassandra C.
"I love Frankenstein and I love turkey! So I decided to create Turkiestein!"

Scott E. & Kelly C.
"Tabitha the Turkey is on her way to thanksgiving dinner. However, She really can't wait 'till Cyber Monday, so she can check out the coolest website ever...!"

Katie R.
"My turkey is a girl who doesn't care what people think. She has tattoos, loves her skull barrette and everything else sourpuss has to offer. She always has her fishnets on to make her feel sexy! She has awesome colorful hair, bright makeup and she loves to stand out in a crowd!"

Charlene J.
"This here is Lucille. She's the baddest mother-plucker on the farm. She only wears Sourpuss Clothing on her fab, fierce feathers. Right now, she's modeling the brand-spanking new Galley Ho Anchor Apron, with matching oven mitt. She'll definitely look her best this Thanksgiving while roasting a human."

Stephanie W.
"Ronda is a Rockabilly hand turkey. She is the envy of all the other turkeys for her amazing style. She only shops at All the female turkeys want to be her and all the male turkeys want to be with her."

Amanda M.
"A nuclear power plant turkey."

Dawn S. & Gaia S.