Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shoe Sale Madness!

We're having a shoe sale not from this world! All our shoes are terrifyingly cheap right now, and have been marked down 35% for one week.  Whether you're looking for thrilling, chilling Bordello heels or the astounding Iron Fist boots and oxfords (as well as Fred Perry shoes, T.U.K. shoes, Pinup Couture shoes, and more) , all prices have been slashed!

New & Restocked:
Match up your new kicks to the new items we have in this week: Steady Sailor tops and Girly Tees  • Stiletto Dame tops • Miss Fortune cardigans • King Kerosin V-Necks • And Restocked items from all your favorite brands including: Rock Rebel • Leg Ave • Sin in Linen • Tripp • Fluff • Fred • Lucky 13 & More!

This Weekend's Upcoming Events!

•East Coast Classic Scooter Rally: Join various scooter clubs and over 200 attendees in the beautiful Wildwoods  in NJ for this 3 day rally event!

•King of the Mini Ramp Skate Contest: A benefit event for helping send qualifying skaters who are 12 and under to the 10th King of the Groms Nat'l. Championship tournament!

•Kustom Kulture Festival: Hosted by Rockit Roost come get your fill of Kustom kulture with a couple of days of live music, pinup competitions, a car show, and more!

•Midwest Brewhaha Roller Derby Tournament: Hosted by the BrewCity Bruisers, come see 2 days of hard hitting roller derby action!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Meet Pinky Pinups

If your the kind of gal that's lookin' for a little bit of pinup mixed with a little bit of punk then pour yourself a Martini & get cozy in your leopard print chair, it's time to get to know the duo behind the brand: Nori: Designer and Jen: Sales & Marketing.

SP • So for people who are unfamiliar with Pinky Pinups, tell our readers about your brand, how did you get started? What do you do for Pinky Pinups? 
  PP: Pinky Pinups is a partnership between Nori (Designer) and Jen (Sales & Marketing). Nori has been designing clothing for many years under the label Attempt Clothing. Jen has been designing handbags and accessories under the label Revamp Productions. We wanted to  work together, so decided to create a French Vixen with a touch of Punk line named "Pinky Pinups".  The vintage inspired line is high quality and made in the USA.

SP • Did you go to school for fashion? 
  PP: Nori went to College for fashion in Tokyo & Jen in London.

SP • What did you do before this? 
  PP: Nori has been the designer for Attempt Clothing since it's beginning. Before that she designed for a Formula One race team, snowboarding company and many other projects. Jen was a costume designer for Disney before starting Revamp Productions.

SP • What is your favorite item you've released this season?  
  PP: Nori loves the Rose Dress and Check Strap dress. Jen loves it all, especially the items I get to wear!

SP • If you were ice cream, what flavor would you be? 
  PP: Nori would be chocolate & Jen would be strawberry.

SP • What would you do if an elephant was in your backyard?
  PP: We would feed her lots of carrots and apples from our gardens and dress her up in fancy blankets when she got cold.

SP • If they made a movie of your life, which actor would you want to play you?  
  PP: Nori says Jody Foster, she is strong and resourceful. Jen thinks Catherine Deneuve or Grace Kelly, so elegant.

SP • If you could have an endless supply of any one food, what would you pick?
  PP: Nori says Watermelon & Jen says Sushi!

SP • What's better the book or the movie?
  PP: The Movie, too busy designing to read. Like to escape for a few hours and get the whole story.

SP • It's Friday and you've worked hard all week, what are you doing Friday night?
  PP: Nori says playing with her Beagle and strumming on her guitar. Jen says drinking Martini's & Margaritas.

SP • If you had to describe Pinky Pinups in three words, what would they be….
  PP: Thats a hard question. It has so many influences....vixen, feminine, chic.

Want to see more Pinky Pinups?!
You can check out their line here by entering Pinky Pinups in the search bar!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thrill to the New Sourpuss Thrill-A-Rama Dress!

Whether you're sky high on top of the Ferris wheel or skipping along the boards with candy floss in hand, look adorably sweet in our new Thrill-A-Rama dress! Adorned with a repeat print of classic Coney Island boardwalk inspired icon, we've got this cute lil' number in Blue, Coral, and Grass Green!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
For May 24th - May 29th, we are offering Free Shipping on domestic, retail orders when you enter the code THRILLARAMA (in all caps) at checkout!

Facebook News and Contests:
Make sure you like our Facebook page, and vote for your favorite retailer in our 1st ever Retail Display Contest!
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New and Restocked this Week:
We got in all new stuff from: Lucky 13 • Vintage 80's Tech Notepads • Heartbreaker • Kreepsville 666 • Steady • Tiki Farm • 2K2BT • Folter • and More!

Hey Sugar Magazine press

Look what was spotted in Swedish fashion magazine - Hey Sugar!  It's the Sourpuss Sassy Anchor Necklace in a Sailor inspired collage! 

Check out Hey Sugar Magazine, by clicking the photo above

This article was put together by Blogger: Candy Dollheart; she's pretty stinkin' cute!

Need to get your hands on the Sassy Anchor necklace?
 click the photo below

Steady Clothing presents Whiskey Brigade...

Sourpuss has gotten their hands on this limited edition colorway of the Steady Whiskey Brigade tee. This nautical inspired colorway will bring a little color to your wardrobe. We love this design and whiskey too. 
We are big fans of Steady Clothing, you'll find this tee along with vintage inspired items on our website. Some of our stand outs are the perfect fitting pinup skirts and the retro dresses. 

Click the photo for more details of the Whiskey Brigade tee
And check out all these other great Steady tops, while your at it!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Iron Fist bikinis

Have you seen the Iron Fist bikinis? Sink Me, Parting Kiss, Gold Star and Suicide are all part of the Summer collection from Iron Fist.  Flashy Sequins, Sailors Rope, Tattoo Print or Gold Skulls- which will you choose?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Kirsten Easthope-An Amazing Pinup Artist

One of our long time friends and artist Kirsten Easthope has been featured in Ol' Skool Rodz magazine. She has been working with Sourpuss for years and I was really excited to see this article in one of my favorite hot rod mags. Find out more about her below:

Interested in seeing the current products Kirsten Easthope has designed for Sourpuss? 
Check out the products below: 

Friday, May 18, 2012

A closer look at The Ramones slip dress

Do you wanna dance?
 Do you love the Ramones? 
Is Sheena, not the only punk rocker in town? 
Does Blitzkreig Bop make you go pogo around your living room like a crazy fool?
If you answered yes to the above,  
This dress is for you, pair it with your favorite boots and you are ready for anything

Wanna get a closer look? View product details here

Sourpuss Retailer Photo Contest!

Hey Retailers! Want a chance to win credit toward your next order of Sourpuss merch? Click the photo above to see the full details on entering our first ever retail store display contest! The contest starts today, and goes through May 31st.

New and Back in Stock at Sourpuss

It's mid May and a lot of those styles that sold out quickly have returned, along with a few new dresses. One of the standouts is the Thrill-A-Rama dress, the pattern is whimsically inspired by Coney Island. This is little halter dress is available in coral, light blue and green.
You'll also find the Seahorse dress! This strapless dress has a black tulle underlay and a contrasting wide belt in either turquoise or pink. If you look up close it's a cute Seahorse pattern with bubbles and starfish. 
Let us know what you think in our comments, we love feedback!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bring Some Flash To Your Bathroom!

Bring some flash into your bathroom and get ready to scrub a dub dub with new, nautical, matching Sourpuss Clipper Ship Shower Curtains, Bathroom Towel Sets, and Beach Towels!

Adorn your Galley with New Raygun Waterbottles • Human Organ Transplant Lunch Bags • Keychain Flasks • Waffle Coasters • Bacon Koozies • Luchador Bottle Openers • Restocked Items From Tiki Farm • Tripp • Steady • Warrior • Special Effects Hair Dye • and A Ton of New Stuff from Sourpuss!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lil' Lou Lou- cutest hair accessories for you

Lil' Lou Lou has come up with the perfect accessory to complete your pinup look. These bandanas are are already hemmed and sewn perfectly so pinning up your hair is a snap! We have 7 different patterns to choose from- classic bandana prints, day of the dead, skulls, cherries and polka dots.
 Gotta say- we love these!
Shop Lil' Lou Lou here

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Free Punk Rock Bowling ticket and VIP access

Want to go to Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas? Sourpuss has one ticket along with VIP access for all three days!!!  It's easy to enter, Click here to SHARE this promotion on Facebook and you will be automatically entered to win a FREE 3-day ticket & VIP access pass to the Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival in Las Vegas! This years bill includes Cockney Rejects, Youth Of Today, GBH and many more amazing bands!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Keepin It Traditional at Sourpuss!

ROPED SHIP PATCH: Plaster your jacket, bag or anything you can get a stitch through with our Roped Ship Patch!
FLASH MOB SKIPPER DRESS RED: Go ahead and add a little flash to you wardrobe.
DEADLY MOTH BANDANA: Classic design on your classic bandana.
NAUTICAL NYMPH CAMI TANKTOP: This lovely sea siren in available on a tank and slip dress! 
FUTURE TATTOOER KIDS ONE PIECE: Nothin' wrong with teaching 'em young.
OCTO INK ONE PIECE: Who can resist our tattooed 8-legged friend?!
SWALLOWS & STARS WALLET: Stash your cash in this fine looking' wallet.
SCORNED CAMI DRESS: Here's a slinky little number with a profile of a day of the dead gal- surrounded by roses
SQUEAKY CLEAN SHOWER CURTAIN: Get squeaky clean with these bathing beauties.

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms! We have a special code for 5/10 - 5/15 enter code: OHMAMA in all caps at checkout, for 15% off of your retail order!

New Skinny Jeans from Tripp • New Skirts from Steady • New Sourpuss Bettie Page, Anatomical, Sugar Skull, and Sailor Pillows

Friday, May 4, 2012

Interview with our New Photographer!

We'd like to introduce Stephen Bucala, he's brand spankin' new to Sourpuss, so let's all give him a warm welcome!  When you're on the site you will see his work everywhere, he's the guy who will be photographing all of our awesome products & taking care of photo-shoots.

So let's pull up a chair and get to know him…

Do you like to be called Steve or Stephen: Either is fine, though Ive been using Stephen more.

Job: Photographer

Favorite Color: Black, despite not being a color but lack of color…I'm cheating on this one.

Kale or Ribs: Miss Piggy

TV or Music: Music Television! " I want my Mtv…." Please read that aloud in a high pitched Sting(voice), with flashback of the Dire Straits video. Short answer, music, after all video killed the radio star!

What song do you blast when you’re alone: Shuffle! or Lifetime, Bouncing Souls, Goldfinger, Quicksand, Maiden! …. I'm to indecisive to answer this properly, I think.

If you won the lottery, how would you spend the money:
Photo gear and a 2 month long photo trip, oh and either a Sheperd or Frenchie to bring along. Or maybe I'd start by going to the Bunny Ranch…..not really. Just sounds saucy.

If you could go back in time and sit down with one person who would it be:
Bruce Lee, hands down! I'd totally let him one inch punch me for the thrill. I just hope I'd be able to come back.

What was the best thing before sliced bread: The whole loaf

Would you rather have a freakishly huge smile or a freakishly small nose:
Smile, then I could eat more and feel like the cheshire cat if I was sneaky enough.

This concludes our interview with Stephen, I hope you enjoyed it!  Feel like you want to know more? Post any questions you may have for Stephen in the comments section of blog!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Cinco de Mayo from Sourpuss!

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with some of our favorite sugar skull themed products, whether for sticking things to your fridge or dressing up your little one in an awesome one piece!

New & Restocked This Week:
New Sugar Skull Earrings • Lunch Bags • Candy Molds • New Coin Purses and Luggage Tags from Fluff • Restocked items from Lucky 13 • Steady • Loungefly • Gama-Go • Retro-A-Go-Go • Lip Service • Fred • And more!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Sourpuss and Sugar Skulls!

Looking for a great addition to your Cinco de Mayo celebration? We've got some ideas!  In the world of chocolate desserts, you can't beat a good old Mexican chocolate, in my opinion. Check out the link HERE for an easy recipe for a near-perfect version of a spicy Mexican chocolate cupcake. And, while these cupcakes are wonderful, they can be a little boring looking on their own, so why not impress your guests with a hand made sugar skull decoration? We have a whole bunch of Sugar Skull candy molds in stock to do just that. 

Here's an awesome recipe for making Aztec Spicy Chocolate to add a little more spice to those cupcake decorations!

1 16 oz bag chocolate chips (pick your favorite)
1/8 teaspoon ancho chile powder (or sub in cayenne)
1/4 teaspoon good quality cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon good quality vanilla extract
Pinch of Fresh Ground Black Pepper
Pinch of Sea Salt

In a double boiler, melt chocolate (I prefer semi-sweet milk chocolate), add the spices, stir, and pour into the shaped molds, and put in the fridge to set. For best results, use fresh spices, when available! If you’re like me, and you want to up the spice content a bit, add a couple pinches more of the hotter spices!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Brief Appreciation of Gig Posters

Howdy again from Nik's greasy & creepy corner of the Sourpuss blog. If there's 2 things that all of us at Sourpuss can appreciate the significance of (aside from a killer taste in fashion, naturally) - it's music & art. And what better encompasses both music & art than... gig posters? So, I'd like to take a second out of your busy schedule & share a handful of my favorite examples of gig poster design for some real decent* bands out there. (*Decent being by my standards, that is - which is questionable).

Reverend Horton Heat // Jim Mazza 

The Misfits // Talkseek 

Hank III // Dirk Fowler 

Unknown Hinson // Ryan Fleming 

Danzig // Micah Smith


...and here's a few more thrown in for good measure:

And just just like that(!), your tour through this design nerd's cluttered mind is over. For now. Got your own favorites? Do you design gig posters/show fliers?  
Share 'em in our comments!