Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Meet Pinky Pinups

If your the kind of gal that's lookin' for a little bit of pinup mixed with a little bit of punk then pour yourself a Martini & get cozy in your leopard print chair, it's time to get to know the duo behind the brand: Nori: Designer and Jen: Sales & Marketing.

SP • So for people who are unfamiliar with Pinky Pinups, tell our readers about your brand, how did you get started? What do you do for Pinky Pinups? 
  PP: Pinky Pinups is a partnership between Nori (Designer) and Jen (Sales & Marketing). Nori has been designing clothing for many years under the label Attempt Clothing. Jen has been designing handbags and accessories under the label Revamp Productions. We wanted to  work together, so decided to create a French Vixen with a touch of Punk line named "Pinky Pinups".  The vintage inspired line is high quality and made in the USA.

SP • Did you go to school for fashion? 
  PP: Nori went to College for fashion in Tokyo & Jen in London.

SP • What did you do before this? 
  PP: Nori has been the designer for Attempt Clothing since it's beginning. Before that she designed for a Formula One race team, snowboarding company and many other projects. Jen was a costume designer for Disney before starting Revamp Productions.

SP • What is your favorite item you've released this season?  
  PP: Nori loves the Rose Dress and Check Strap dress. Jen loves it all, especially the items I get to wear!

SP • If you were ice cream, what flavor would you be? 
  PP: Nori would be chocolate & Jen would be strawberry.

SP • What would you do if an elephant was in your backyard?
  PP: We would feed her lots of carrots and apples from our gardens and dress her up in fancy blankets when she got cold.

SP • If they made a movie of your life, which actor would you want to play you?  
  PP: Nori says Jody Foster, she is strong and resourceful. Jen thinks Catherine Deneuve or Grace Kelly, so elegant.

SP • If you could have an endless supply of any one food, what would you pick?
  PP: Nori says Watermelon & Jen says Sushi!

SP • What's better the book or the movie?
  PP: The Movie, too busy designing to read. Like to escape for a few hours and get the whole story.

SP • It's Friday and you've worked hard all week, what are you doing Friday night?
  PP: Nori says playing with her Beagle and strumming on her guitar. Jen says drinking Martini's & Margaritas.

SP • If you had to describe Pinky Pinups in three words, what would they be….
  PP: Thats a hard question. It has so many influences....vixen, feminine, chic.

Want to see more Pinky Pinups?!
You can check out their line here by entering Pinky Pinups in the search bar!


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  2. Great feature!
    I'd like to note the Models featured in the top photos...Redhead - Angie Alamilla, Brunette - Ruby Champagne. Photos/Girlie Show Photograpy :)