Monday, October 31, 2011

Sourpuss featured in Vegas Juliette!

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We got a great write-up on Friday! Published by one of Sin City's premier fashion bloggers, Vegas Juliette. Make sure to check the whole article out by clicking the image above. You can also grab any of the featured items, from the post, at the ever good looking!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sourpuss on Conan Wednesday Night!

Oh man... This is exciting! So while watching Conan O'Brien on Wednesday, one of our favorite late night hosts, we were so amazed to see one of our shirts show up in his segment: Basic Cable Name That Tune! It was a really funny segment. Check it out here to see our shirt and listen to a terrible DEVO cover.

To grab one of your own Voodoo shirts to wear on TV, or wherever, go here. Voodoo shirts are also available for Guys.

Have an Eye-Ball with Our New Cardigans and Creepy Eyeball Items!

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Ring in the fall with one of our awesome Zombettie Cardigans, this little lady is bright green with pink eyeshadow and bow up in her black and white bee hive. Awesome embroidery and fantastic fit!

And: why just have 20 Eyes, when you can have 'em all? We're stocked with all manner of Eye-ball related goods: from Gals Tops and Backpacks to Rings and Pillows, search 'Eye' in the handy search bar at our site for even more!

Also in this week is a ton of new great stuff from:
•Sourpuss • Steady • 180ยบ • Tripp • Folter • Living Dead Souls • Lucky 13 • Lonsdale • Iron Fist • King Kerosin • Gama Go • MercKreepsville and Many More • Also tons of NEW Housewares, Accessories, & Awesome, Creepy Stuff Perfect for Halloween!

Finally: Come visit us, on either coast, this weekend (Oct. 28th-30th) at:
Chiller Theatre on the East Coast, in Parsippany,NJ for all things horror!
1st Annual Tempe Rockabilly Reunion in Diablo Stadium, Tempe, AZ.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Keep on Kreeping with New Kustom Kreeps!

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Made in conjunction with Sourpuss Clothing, we are proud to roll out a new line of awesome, graphic, clothes and accessories for guys: Kustom Kreeps! With kitschy, monster, tattoo, and hot-rod inspired art ranging from drunken, tattooed, Siamese mermaids to the Devil himself, these T's, Hoodies, wallets and more will trick out any outfit.

New & Restocked This Week:
•Living Dead Souls
•Lip Service
•Iron Fist
•Gama Go
•Switchblade Stiletto and More!
•And dozens of NEW Housewares and Accessories!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Free Bone Gloves on Oct. 20th... read further for details

For One Day Only!
Get a free pair of green and black Bone Gloves with any retail purchase placed tomorrow, October 20th, between 9 am (EST) and 9 am (EST) October 21st, just in time for Halloween!

Visit us at to see all our latest terrifying goods!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Get This New Fall Look!

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Put together a killer Fall outfit with some of our favorite new items!

1. Rose Hair Clip Pink: Beautiful pink rose satin flower hair clip with alligator clip measuring 4" across.
Iron Fist Alley Cat Coat: You will be the best dressed kitten in this fur coat that has classic 3/4 sleeves, hook & eye closure, pockets, and a black & pink liner with flowers & birds.
Bettie Page Ring Pink: Adjustable ring with a pink rhinestone frame, enamel coated classic photo of Bettie Page!
4.Sweetheart Skull Bowler Purse:
Sweetheart sugar skulls in pink with yellow polka dots.
Pinup Couture Pink Glitter Heels: You'll be in love with these heels by Pinup Couture! These fuchsia glitter vinyl peep toe Mary Janes with black trim are perfect for any occasion that calls for something sparkly!
Horror Pops Logo Bandana: Horror Pops logo in black on a pink bandana: Perfect for you or your furry bud!
Polka Dot Vixen Skirt: Vixen pencil skirts are hot! Black w/ white polka dots printed on stretch cotton, with a back zip closure, back slit, and 2 bow accents.
8. Steady Sneak Preview Top:
Super soft and stretchy top with loose waist and v-neck, button closure collar and lace trim on sleeves with a beautiful neckline!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Kreepsville 666 horror hair horns!

These horns are creepy! We have red, black or green!  Made by Kreepsville 666- These guys easily snap into your hair.

Sourpuss Staph Picks III: The Picking Hour!

Here's our top 3 list of horror flicks for this week! A terrifying mix of punk, aliens, werewolves, and the devil!

Calyn: 1.The Devil's Backbone 2. The Thing 3.Dog Soldiers

Next Up, Justin: 1.Return of the Living Dead 2.Predator 3.The Monster Squad

Finally Rebecca: 1.Trick or Treat 2.Rosemary's Baby 3.Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetery Man)

And if you need to keep caffeinated to stay up and watch marathons of these movies, get your coffee fix in one of these horrifying Sourpuss Coffee Mugs!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Free Exclusive Uglydoll with $25 Uglydoll Purchase!

The wonderful folks over at Uglydoll have offered us a promotion that we're passing on to you! For a limited time, with any $25 Uglydoll purchase, you will receive a certificate good for a limited edition Cookie Chef Babo 12" plush!

Head on over to Sourpuss Clothing and grab your Uglydoll merch today!

Sourpuss naughty tee in Auxiliary magazine

Our Day of the Dead muerte top was just highlighted in the Oct/Nov 2011 issue of Auxiliary Magazine.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Steady Whiskey Brigade is back in stock

We have a limited run of the Steady Whiskey brigade hoodies for guys and gals, we also received in restocks of the girls and guys tees!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Return to Our Little Shop of Horror!

Last week we featured items from the twisted minds at Sourpuss, now lets see what other bizarre curiosities are out there!

(Click the above images for links to the items on our site!)

Return of the Staph Picks!

Here's our next batch of favorite horror flicks for this week!

First up is Deidre: 1.The hills have Eyes 2. The Shining 3. Zombie Strippers
Next is Jessie: 1.Twin Peaks 2.Monster Squad 3. The Evil Dead
And Finally Ginger: 1.28 Days Later 2. Army of Darkness 3.Dawn of the Dead
And if you need some zombie inspired snacks during you movie watching check out these zombified housewares and snacks: Zombie Pint glasses, Zombie Candy bars, Zombie Lollipops, and Zombie flasks!

Featured items in SFX Magazine

SFX Magazine just released a special issue on Zombies! The Ultimate Guide is a 132-page magazine dedicated to all things undead. Sourpuss had 2 Featured items on the third page:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our Little Shop of Horror! (13 Essential Halloween Items)

Here we compiled 13 Sourpuss essentials to get you through Halloween & stay fashionably frightful all year round!!!

1.Rotten Zombie & Zombie Girl Notecards: Show your undying love to that special someone!

2.Taxidermy Tools Umbrella: You will keep bone dry lurking around when it rains with this taxidermy tool umbrella!

3.Zombie Brain Bandana: Blend in with the undead wearing this bandana…. but move quickly!!!

4.Eyetini Patch, Cardigan & Top: "Eyeballs Eyeballs Eyeballs… Eyeballs everywhere…. Eyeballs Eyeballs Eyeballs….. Floating through the air." We have eyeballs everywhere too… from patches to cardigans to girly tops!

5.Zombie, Monster & Horror Necklaces: Show your love for everything undead with these glittery rhinestone necklaces.

6. White & Glow in the dark Bone Gloves: And sometimes you need a pair of gloves to keep your hands warms while getting rid of a body…. or taking out the trash….

7.Cats Rats Bats Kitchen Set: You'll be in the kitchen cookin' a meal that's to die for!

8.Blood Splatter Shoelaces: "We came, we saw, we kicked its ass." Yep I'm sure they were wearing these laces at the time too!

9. Necromance Tote Bag: They were made for each other… it was a true necromance! See the undead monster make-out here!

10. Zombies Never Die Wallet & Bowler Bag: "When there's no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth." And you will fit right in walking beside them with your matching zombie bag & wallet!

11. Tarantula Barrette: Don't panic! This spider's not real! Wear this guy in confidence knowing he won't make his way out of your hair and onto your shoulder!

12.DIY Monsters From Hell, Kreepshow, Eat the Living Hoodies: "They're Heeeeee-re!!!" That's right show your B Movie love in these DIY hoods!

13.Oh The Horror Shower Curtain: Beware!!!…This shower may be your last…. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sourpuss' Staph Picks!

Are you ready to have a ghoulishly good time?!? Halloween is our favorite time of year around here so what better way to get in the spirit then to cozy up on the couch & watch one of your (and our) favorite horror flicks!

We had everyone here pick THEIR top 3 horror movies of all time, to give you some new ideas and old favorite ideas, and here's the first 3!

First up: Andy 1. Basket Case 2.The Hitcher 3. Night of the Comet
And Nik: 1. They Live 2.Bubba Ho-Tep 3. Evil Dead
And finally this week Margaret: 1.Tombs of the Blind Dead 2. Communion 3.Salem's Lot

If you need something to hold onto while huddling in terror from these horror masterpieces, why not grab one of these classic creature plushes?
Once a week for the month of October check back here to see our very own Horrific Staph Picks for the week!