Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sneak a peak at what's new for Spring @ Sourpuss

We are delighted to share our sneak preview of the Sourpuss Spring line with you. We’ve had a busy 6 months designing fun gear for summer, You’ll find cute and comfy outfits to wear all season long inspired by tikis, sailors and tattoo flash. There are new housewares featured to freshen up your home, along with a number of other treats!
Here on the East Coast, we are lucky to have the shore within a short drive, and, for a fun day trip, I love to go to Coney Island. They have an amazing boardwalk (with deep fried Twinkies!), The Wonder Wheel and, my favorite, The Coney Island Museum - a historic building transformed into a sideshow school and museum. It was the perfect location for our Spring photoshoot!
Have a look below- Any items linked in red are available now.

Webbed Scoop T, Ramones Roxy Tee, Tattooed Lady Cardigan, Leopard Cardigan,
Beki Top, CherriesVixen Bow Skirt, Lulu Purse.
Chloe Tuxedo Top, Gingham Sparrow Romper, Leopard Polly Dress.
Tiki Print Slit Dress, Thrill-A-Rama Dress, Octo Doll Baby Dress.
Tattooed Lady Tube Top, Sailor Tank Top, Thrill-A-Rama Tunic.Skully Tie Tank, Mermaid Cami Tank, Flash Mob Skipper Dress.
Dainty Dress, Orange Tiki Halter Dress, Ramones Cami Dress, True Love Sassy Lady Dress.
Check out SourpussClothing.com to see the above items; along with our new kids gear, accessories and housewares.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Behind the Scenes at a Coney Island Photoshoot!

For the Spring 2012 Sourpuss Catalog, we were super excited to shoot at the Coney Island Museum in Coney Island! This place is the tops...from their museum level cataloging of Coney Island history to their amazing bar, pinball machines, coin operated dancing monkey and views of the piers we couldn't have asked for a better location to shoot all out new collection!
After we got inside and did some exploring, we got down to the business of photos: setting up all the new items from our new collection for the models to wear, Our models Mosh, Erika and Tricia went straight to hair and makeup. While Justin was busy putting together a white photo backdrop for the website photos.
Once everything was setup: time to take the photos! We shot in every nook at the Museum, including the Cosmorama stage to the bar to the gift shop stocked with Sourpuss items.
After a long day and a ton of photos, a quick photo of the Sourpuss team in front of the funhouse mirrors! Stay tuned for our Spring collection!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Keep it Kreepy with New Kustom Kreeps!

Just when you thought your wardrobe was safe... Kustom Kreeps new spring line of designs are ready to invade your closet! Our new t-shirts feature some bold, bad-ass artwork including "Memento Mori", "Live Fast, Die Last", "Support Your Local Kreep", "Hellbound", and "Graveyard Shifters".

Check out my personal favorite, Support Your Local Kreep. This Franken-inspired design features a gnarly 3-eyed monster with a psychobilly flat top and a sick protruding eyeball. Eyeball guts, ya'll.

But that's not all! We're also introducing a selection of air fresheners to freshen up that rank old smell lingering in your rust bucket. This selection includes Memento Mori that smells like "Fresh Grave (new car leather)", Man's Ruin that smells like "Psycho Sinamon (that's cinnamon if you couldn't figure it out), Graveyard Shifters that smells like sweet "Rotting Roses", Hellbound that smells like "Adrenaline Junkie (aka coffee)", and Support Your Local Kreep that smells like "Creepy Coconut". Does creepy coconut smell different than just plain ol' coconut? Find out for yourself!

Thanks for readin' my garble, and I hope ya'll dig the new designs as much as I do. Until next time, Keep on Kreepin'!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Tempting Scents of Tokyo Milk

We are now offering the dark and glamorous products from Tokyo Milk including Lotions, Perfume and Lip Balms. One of the things I really love is the vintage pictures and bold packaging. This is their new alluring Femme Fatale collection, with names like Tainted Love, Bulletproof and Arsenic. The scents are as drama-filled as their names. If you are looking for a special gift for the temptress in your life check out Tokyo Milk.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Attack Plaques Mounted Heads!

Show off your love of taxidermy with these amazingly-life like, mounted, animal heads! Whether you're in the market for a Great White, Crocodile, or Rhino head, we've got you covered. With almost life-size, solid construction, immense detail, and rear keyhole mounts to attach flush to the wall these heads are perfect to make any of your rooms into a hunting lodge!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Jessie's Top 5 things you want for Valentine's Day!

Who wants to get a bunch of roses that are just going to wind up dead? Here is a list of a few things your significant other would rather get!

Somethin' for Him:

1. Man's Face Stuff: Does your man need something to keep that stache in line? Then get him this fantastic scented moustache wax. The perfect excuse to get him cleaned up and take you out to dinner!
2. Sourpuss Logo Mug: Keep your guy happy with a mornin' cup a joe in his very own Sourpuss Mug.
3.T-shirt Originals from Iron Fist, Fred Perry, Lucky 13 plus more!: Tired of seeing him in his old worn out t-shirts? Choose from any of our T-shirt Originals & update his wardrobe for him.
4. Rockabilly Patch: A great little add on to throw in with this year's Valentine's gift. Lots of patches to choose from!
5. Rhino Attack Plaque: Wow him this holiday with his very own Rhino Plaque! Now you need to make up a good story to go along with it....

Somethin' for Her!

1. Hell Bunny Mini Motley: You know what you like to see her in so why not pick up the adorably sweet Mini Motley from Hell Bunny! Not your speed? That's okay we have tons of other dresses for you to choose from!
2. Swallows Champagne Flutes: If your little lady is looking' for a little romance then you should get her these His & Hers matching champagne flutes. Oh and don't forget to pick some champagne!
3.Chloe Tux Tank: Sick of her whining she has nothing to wear. Then grab her one of these amazing Chloe tank tops. These fantastic tanks can be dressed up or down for a simple, cool look!
4. Pinup Couture Polka Dot Heels: Win her over with these perfectly pinup polka dot heels from Pinup Couture!
5. Cupcake Measuring Spoons: Does your gal like to bake? Then get her a set of these cupcakes measuring spoons!. I'm sure she'll make you somethin' sweet!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ghost of 77 Shirts

What happens when Viva Seventy Seven and East Coast Ghost collide? You come up with Ghost of '77. Get back to basics with these true punk tees where no one is innocent, you can destroy everything and an old Clash tape is playing in your walkman.


Monday, February 6, 2012

New Fred Perry

The first Fred Perry polo was created in 1952, that's 60 years ago!

It's not to often those little tennis shorts are worn nowadays, but a classic Fred Perry 
will always be in style.

Sourpuss has been a long time supplier of Fred Perry. Back then Fred Perry was difficult to find and we were honored to be one of the few locations in the US to sell their gear. Here we are years later, and their high quality standards and classic styles are just as great as they ever were.

We just received in our first shipment Spring Fred Perry, which includes my new favorite: the Kingfisher button up shirt.
Search "Fred Perry", to see all the new items on our site at Sourpuss Clothing!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Exclusive Brutus & Dr. Martens Trimfit Shirt

Hey fellas! We're proud to be an Exclusive retailer of this awesome Brutus and Dr. Martens collaborative shirt! With a proper Brutus trim fit, and colors made to compliment Oxblood Doc's this shirt is going to be the sharpest thing in your wardrobe this year...and we are one of the few places you can pick it up.

We're expecting a LOT of preorders on this really limited shirt, so get yours in quick! We will be shipping them from our location around February 15th!


Bettie Page Cardigan Givaway

We're giving away one of our brand spankin' new Bettie Page cardigans. 
In the size of your choice S-2x.
It's super easy to enter. Just click the flyer below and it will take you to our Facebook page, 

From here click "Like" Contest ends February 10th at noon EST.