Tuesday, October 30, 2012

UPS Shipping delays

Any orders that were placed between October 26th-October 30th on our website will have delayed shipping due to the hurricane. We are back in the office today but UPS will not resume normal pickups/dropoffs until tomorrow. Thank you for your understanding.

Monday, October 29, 2012

New Sourpuss Baby Skeleton Outfits!

Looking for a perfect outfit for your little fiend? Why not put together this horrifying look for your little monster!  Make sure your lil' terror always has our Skull hat on their head! These knit hats have a mischievous grinning skull embroidered on front, contrasting ear flaps with attached pom poms in Black or Cream. Which perfectly pairs with these Anatomical Ribcage one pieces in matching Black and Cream. Finish off the set with our new Skull Crib Shoes! Cover those itty bitty toes in these little, 100% leather crib shoes that feature the Sourpuss skull logo, elastic closures and sueded soles!

And don't miss our colorful selection of new kids Pom Pom hats in: Black & PinkBlack & WhiteBlack & GrayBlack & Red.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

You'll Go Batty for New Bat Sweaters & Scarves!

As Halloween eerily approaches with winter lurking on it's heels, it's time to start bundling up against the creeping cold, and what better way to do that than by slinking through the night in our Go Batty sweaters! These cozy, warm black sweaters feature an all over bat pattern & boat-neck cut, in both Gray & Black as well as Red & Black. And if you need a perfectly ghastly neckwarmer (that won't suck your blood) to compliment these sweaters, sink your teeth into our reversible Go Batty Scarves (Also in Gray & Black and Red & Black).

Also, we are fully stocked with all new and your favorite Sourpuss items for gals, from heart buttoned, classic I Heart You tops to vintage inspired, off the shoulder knit She's a Rebel polka dot tops, to traditional tattoo inspired rose printed Slit Dresses.

Also New and Restocked:
Just in time for all you scary boys and ghouls we've restocked Shrunken Heads • Graveyard inspired Hook Hands • All kinds of new, and instantly classic hot rodding Rat Fink gear • Vintage inspired jewelry • Black Denim Jackets, and the proper pins, buttons, patches, and badges to adorn them • And so much more!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Auxiliary Magazine Giveaway!

Last week Auxiliary Magazine launched a contest to win one of our Sugar Ink bathroom sets, a combination of items perfectly suited to redo your bathroom with some skull-ish touches just in time for both Halloween and the Day of the Dead.  Tomorrow is the last day to enter for your chance to enter to win. From their post:

"We (Auxiliary Magazine) are giving away a Sourpuss Sugar Ink Shower Curtain and a Sourpuss Sugar Ink Bath Set just in time for Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead! Sourpuss has recently launched tons of new home decor items, making it easy to decorate your home the way you want!"

To Enter: Visit their contest page at this link: Auxiliary Magazine Sugar Ink Giveaway.

To see more of our sugar skull-tastic bathroom goodies, click either of the photos above, or visit our Housewares section for even more great ghoulish home goods.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Chat with Stacey Martin

Pour yourself a nice cuppa tea or coffee, sit down, cause it's time for another Sourpuss interview!  I would like to introduce Stacey Martin, one of our freelance artists who has created some of you favorite Sourpuss designs.  Read more if you want to know a little bit more about this artist & tattooer who now resides in the weird city of Austin.

Sourpuss (SP): How about we start out with an easy one, Where are you from?
Stacey Martin (SM):  I'm originally from Central New York, bounced around the state and lived in New York City for three years. In 2008 I moved to Texas. Currently living in the strange and beautiful city of Austin, TX. I think I'l be here for a while.

SP: When did you get started in tattooing?
SM:  I started an apprenticeship in New York in 2003 at "the shop which shall remain nameless" and finished my apprenticeship at Apocalypse Tattoo with Michael Davidson between 2004 and 2005, So I've been tattooing professionally for 7 years.

SP: Any apprenticeship horror stories?
SM:  There's always horror stories. Some, legitimately horrible and some I just consider team building exercises/ skin thickening ceremonies.

SP: If you were written about in the newspaper, on the front page, what would the headline say?
SM:  "Funny In The Front, Business In The Rear,"
mainly because it takes a minute for people to realize I'm serious about business and not just a goofy blonde.

SP: You not only tattoo you also paint & sell your stuff on etsy, what's your favorite medium to work in?

 SM:  I dig pen and ink, liquid acrylic and water color, and some jobs/projects are best done digitally. Although I've been making "found junk" necklaces and resin setting tiny versions of my artwork in filigree bezels. It's super tedious, delicate work but I love it.

SP: What's your favorite song to break it down to?
SM:  Trunk Fulla Amps by Self gets me pumped but that's the first one that came to mind. There are several others ;-D

SP: If you weren't tattooing what would your dream job be?
SM:  Tattooing is pretty damn close to a dream job. I do like hosting and planning events though. So maybe hosting and planning events with an unlimited budget? That sounds fun to me.

SP: Would you rather be able to visit 100 years in the past or 100 years in the future?
SM:  100 years in the past! 1912! I don't even want to know what life will be like 100 years from now.

SP: Garden Gnomes or Flamingos?
SM:  Both, actually. We rock both skeleton flamingos and a zombie garden gnome on the patio. I don't discriminate ;-D

SP: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
SM:  Let's see, in ten years I'll be 43 so hopefully not in a back brace, loaded on pain meds.
In ten years, maybe a private shop/art gallery where I can host my favorite tattoo artists and regular artists alike.

• You can check out Stacey's current works at the following sites •

Monday, October 22, 2012

Catch Up with Black Market Art Company

This past week I had the pleasure of catching up with long time friend Alex from Black Market Art. I wanted to share the knitty-gritty on Black Market/Lowbrow Art company. Sourpuss carries a variety of the collection of their tattoo tees.
•Sourpuss (SP): How did Black Market art develop? 
•Black Market Art (BMA):  Black Market Art started back in 2005. We started selling t-shirts from three different tattoo artists They were Mr. Lucky, Jake Underwood and Bucky Crispin As of today we are working with 175 different artists!
 •SP:What's your role at Black Market?
•BMA:  I try to focus on my role as team spirit leader, but find myself taking out the trash and handing out our daily beatings. The beatings are good for moral, you get beat if you do well and you get beat if you do badly, everybody is an equal here.
•SP:Do you personally have an artist’s background? 
•BMA: Actually I do not have an artists background, I always thought of myself as a visionary, like I in vision myself doing art, it’s kind of like the same thing.

•SP:What is the difference between Black Market and Lowbrow? And do you favor one over the other?
•BMA: Black Market art is more of a tattoo inspired art style lowbrow art is an underground art movement with origins in hot-rod street culture, punk rock music, underground commix and other subcultures. The roots of lowbrow art can be traced back decades to Southern California hotrods “Kustom Kars” and surf culture. Ed “Big Daddy” Roth is frequently credited with getting the Lowbrow art movement underway by creating Rat Fink in the late 1950’s.

While Lowbrow art grew in the 1960’s as a product of its political and social times, as a revolt against academic conceptualism, it has negotiated and thrived into the 21st century. It remains an unassuming mix of possibilities open to flux and dedicated to beautifully polished works.
Lowbrow art captures our imaginations and jump starts journeys into wide eyed, candy colored and sometimes darkly disturbing worlds of artful madness.

•SP:Tell us about the art shows that you are involved with...
•BMA: We do a lot of art shows, it’s mainly an excuse for us to go out to the bar get drunk and party with our friends.

•SP:Working with so many artists do you decide ahead of time what type of artwork you are looking for or do you work with what the artists already has completed? 
•BMA: We usually just work with what the artist completes, if they are backing it then so are we.

•SP:Over the last few years tattoo culture has become pretty popular, how do you feel about that?
•BMA: We think it’s great. It’s about time that these tattoo artists get the recognition that they deserve as artist. Their art form is gaining legitimacy in the main stream and we think that is down right awesome!

•SP:Is there a specific artist that you were doing flips with excitement to be working with?
•BMA:   Yea three jump to my head right away : Daniel Esparza, Abril Andrade, and Dave Sanchez

•SP:If you could chose 3 things to only eat or drink for a whole year, what would those survival treats be?
•BMA:  That’s easy Beer, Pizza, and broccoli.

•SP:Lastly, for fun- can you sketch us a self portrait? 

Sourpuss Featured on Curves to Kill

This week we were featured on the Blog Curves to Kill, run out of Melbourne Australia by Teer Wayde, a model with curves, who is changing the face and shape of beauty. She's a fashion fiend & plus size model who loves sharing her tips, picks & wants with the curvy girls of the world! She recently put a post up featuring several of her favorite new Sourpuss items. From her post, which you can see HERE:

 "Black and red (a lot darker than shown in this images) are always perfection in my mind and I love the styles of these two items.

With a sparrow knitted into the fabric, matching cuffs and a large back motif this is a brilliant winter cardigan that will rock with skinny jeans and pencil skirts."

See more of the Sailor Cardigan HERE & if you need to grab some skinny jeans or pencil skirts to rock with it click HERE!

     •  Grab your own Chloe Tank to go with it HERE and see the other, tux-striped version HERE.  •

"Now what would match better than one of Sourpuss's super cute hand bags?

As soon as I saw this style I had to have it in my life. As a proud whiskey lover I absolutely adore it! This is the perfect small clutch sizes purse great for taking out in the evening when you don't want to lug around everything."

Check out this Whiskey Birds Galaxie Purse (and a whole slew of our other great purses) at the link HERE.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Mama's Little Babies Jewelry

Here's a collection from Mama's Little Babies that just may have you fall faint!   These baubles & beaded do-dads are carefully handmade in the creators cozy little studio in Northern California.  Taking inspiration from Victorian era illustrations, historic fashion & other vintage goodness....These curious strands & trinkets will add a little bit of whimsy to your everyday wear.  

Anatomical Heart Necklace: An anatomically amazing piece that will certainly make your heart skip a beat!
Moonrise Kingdom Bracelet: Nautical bracelet inspired by the darling Wes Anderson movie, Moonrise Kingdom. 
Bee Parade Bracelet:  A bee-utiful bracelet featuring Victorian bee illustrations!
Seahorse Pearl Drop Necklace: This handmade, lightweight, Victorian inspired necklace features a pair of seahorse.
Tattoo Guy Necklace: Beautify your neckline with the Tattoo Guy Victorian necklace! 
Bee Earrings: Here are a pair of bees you won't mind buzzin' by yer ears! 
Tattoo Lady Necklace: Look just darling with this illustrated lady adorning your neckline. 
Tattoo Guy Earrings: Who hasn't wanted an inked up fella with a moustache dangling from their ears? 
Pocket Knife Earrings: Show 'em you mean business wherever you go in your Pocket Knife earrings. 

Visit our vast jewelry section to see these and all our other wonderful, whimsical accessories!

Sourpuss Happy Kamper Dress

I'm a huge fan of kitschy things and vintage trailers melt my heart, so when we had the opportunity to work with Kelle from Littlevintagetrailer.com we jumped on it. The timing was great- we just received in a new dress- Happy Kamper!

The Happy Kamper print is full of 50's surprises with a twist.
A Shasta style camper, A flamingo with a bow tie, a martini glass with a skull olive- you can't go wrong here.

This cute print is available on the Aubrey Dress body: made of a stretch poplin with a V-neck line in the front and the back and coming soon we'll have the print available on another dress body.
We also have  just the camper available as a print on a Scoop-T with martinis, flamingos, starbursts & "Home Sweet Home" surrounding it.

I wanted to share a few photos from her shoot: Follow Kelle's blog at www.littlevintagetrailer.com for tips and tidbits on vintage campers.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Sourpuss Gloves!

New Sourpuss creepy, cute Gloves are in just in time for the chilly Fall months! Keep those cold dead hands a little warmer with our knuckle printed Drop Dead, Hard Luck, Doll Face (complete with small wrist bows), I Heart Brains, Girly Things, and Live Fast gloves. And don't forget our classic Skeleton Hands gloves, perfect for any guy or ghoul lurking around this Halloween!

Don't miss these new Gel Candles feat. a Preserved Brain, Heart, & Fetus • New Vintage Styled Jewelry feat. everything from Tattooed Strong Men to Seahorses • Keep even warmer with our new lightweight, knit scarves featuring all over prints of Skulls & Bats • Tons of New Iron Fist • Restocks on Rat Fink Bobbleheads • Black Market Art T's • Dashboard Zombies • Switchblade Stiletto & More!

Enter now to win a piece of jewelry from the new Classic Hardware jewelry collection! All you have to do is leave a comment on our post HERE about their new set of classically inspired jewelry featuring everything from sleek sparrows to chunky anchors and cherries for a chance to win!

Classic Hardware Jewelry Giveaway!

Looking for a perfect piece of Jewelry to complete that vintage pinup look? Well the new collection from Classic Hardware covers all those bases! From perky, bright red Cherries to classic, sleek Black Sparrows to chunky Anchor necklaces and bracelets, their new set can compliment any print, pattern, or outfit! And we're giving you a chance to win one piece of your choice!

To enter, just log in through the Rafflecopter widget below, and follow the instructions (Leave a comment in the thread below telling us which piece is your favorite.) One lucky winner will receive whichever piece they list as their favorite! This contest will run from Oct. 18 - Oct. 25.

See more of our awesome of our jewelry, including this new Classic collection: HERE.

Remember to subscribe & follow our blog for more upcoming contests, giveaways, and news!



Congrats to Emma S. from Dublin in Winning the Black Sparrow Necklace!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cupcake Rehab Giveaway of Sourpuss Sugar Skulls

One of our favorite blogs, Cupcake Rehab, is featuring a GIVEAWAY of our Skulls in Love sugar skull housewares, just in time for Dia de Los Muertos! And no post from Marilla would be complete without an amazing complimentary recipe - Check out her Black Velvet cupcakes, a perfect treat for the eerie fall months!


One lucky winner will get the ADORABLE Skulls in Love apron. The apron is super adorable & the winner will love it. But it’s not just that, oh no. They’ll also get a matching kitchen set (oven mitt & pot holder) & tea towel as well as a skull bowl and a matching bank too. Perhaps for saving up to buy a KitchenAid mixer? Or to upgrade your old hand mixer?  It doesn’t matter what you use it for. It’s cute, that’s the point.

And it all matches & coordinates with the bowl. A little girl skull bowl with a bow, and a boy skull bank with a top hat. I die (no pun intended) of the cuteness. I used the bowl to house my handmade tissue paper marigolds (like I said, they’re the traditional flower of Dia de los Muertos & it’s also tradition to make them out of paper), but you can use it for anything. Flowers, candy, a planter. So did you get all that? ONE winner gets an apron, tea towel, kitchen set, bowl and bank. Jackpot!

Read past the Break to see Details on How to Enter!

Shop Sourpuss for the latest Iron Fist products

Have you seen all the latest Iron Fist items? Lot's of new items were added including Iron Fist fug boots, Unicornicopia leggings and sequin tanktop and new Tiger and Bunny wedges.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Behind the scenes at Sourpuss...

I'm sure some of you are curious about the folks behind the scenes of our little operation. If you've ever called the Sourpuss office, chances are you've spoken to a gal named Calyn. Behind that sweet voice is a rad chick with a thin lined paint brush in hand in her spare time. Visit the website The Raven and Black Cat: They are featuring an art print from Calyn for a contest giveaway. Follow the link to enter to win this brilliant cat skull print.

Have a look at these other prints available for purchase through Vignette Noir
His Master's Voice/VignetteNoirBroken Heart/VignetteNoirHome Sweet Home/VignetteNoir