Friday, October 19, 2012

Mama's Little Babies Jewelry

Here's a collection from Mama's Little Babies that just may have you fall faint!   These baubles & beaded do-dads are carefully handmade in the creators cozy little studio in Northern California.  Taking inspiration from Victorian era illustrations, historic fashion & other vintage goodness....These curious strands & trinkets will add a little bit of whimsy to your everyday wear.  

Anatomical Heart Necklace: An anatomically amazing piece that will certainly make your heart skip a beat!
Moonrise Kingdom Bracelet: Nautical bracelet inspired by the darling Wes Anderson movie, Moonrise Kingdom. 
Bee Parade Bracelet:  A bee-utiful bracelet featuring Victorian bee illustrations!
Seahorse Pearl Drop Necklace: This handmade, lightweight, Victorian inspired necklace features a pair of seahorse.
Tattoo Guy Necklace: Beautify your neckline with the Tattoo Guy Victorian necklace! 
Bee Earrings: Here are a pair of bees you won't mind buzzin' by yer ears! 
Tattoo Lady Necklace: Look just darling with this illustrated lady adorning your neckline. 
Tattoo Guy Earrings: Who hasn't wanted an inked up fella with a moustache dangling from their ears? 
Pocket Knife Earrings: Show 'em you mean business wherever you go in your Pocket Knife earrings. 

Visit our vast jewelry section to see these and all our other wonderful, whimsical accessories!


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