Thursday, October 25, 2012

You'll Go Batty for New Bat Sweaters & Scarves!

As Halloween eerily approaches with winter lurking on it's heels, it's time to start bundling up against the creeping cold, and what better way to do that than by slinking through the night in our Go Batty sweaters! These cozy, warm black sweaters feature an all over bat pattern & boat-neck cut, in both Gray & Black as well as Red & Black. And if you need a perfectly ghastly neckwarmer (that won't suck your blood) to compliment these sweaters, sink your teeth into our reversible Go Batty Scarves (Also in Gray & Black and Red & Black).

Also, we are fully stocked with all new and your favorite Sourpuss items for gals, from heart buttoned, classic I Heart You tops to vintage inspired, off the shoulder knit She's a Rebel polka dot tops, to traditional tattoo inspired rose printed Slit Dresses.

Also New and Restocked:
Just in time for all you scary boys and ghouls we've restocked Shrunken Heads • Graveyard inspired Hook Hands • All kinds of new, and instantly classic hot rodding Rat Fink gear • Vintage inspired jewelry • Black Denim Jackets, and the proper pins, buttons, patches, and badges to adorn them • And so much more!


  1. These make me sooooo happy! In love!!

  2. I just ordered the grey and black sweater! Can't wait to get it and show it off on my blog XD