Monday, October 1, 2012

Creepy & Cute Cocktail Party with Meagan Kyla

Check out this great blog feature from our friend Meagan. She runs a fashion blog out of Buffalo, NY.  Inspired by Halloween she had a fun cocktail party with herself, Vena Kayta and the quiet, yet handsome Mr. Bone Daddy...

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Happy October 1st! It's finally here, the official Halloween month is upon us and it's time to start planning costumes, making plans and possibly even throwing your own fiendishly fun Halloween party. Not everyone is into wearing a costume (even though I find that sacrilegious) so adorning yourself with some spooky-inspired fashions is the next best thing! I've concocted my own little Halloween cocktail brew-ha-ha with the help of Sourpuss Clothing

Miss Vena Kayta is wearing the Bat Attack dress in grey by Sourpuss
I'm wearing the XRay Parts Baby Doll dress paired with the Webbed Cardigan and Bone Black Over/Knee Socks, all by Sourpuss.
Our guest of honor Mr. Bone Daddy was a hit with all the ladies!
"Boy, he's a real bone-head"
My little cocktail party was a scream filled with some kitsch and a whole lot of creepy fun. If you've enjoyed the fashions that you've seen here please visit Sourpuss Clothing's website,
They do ship international! Happy Octoberween! 
Models: Vena Kayta and Meagan Kyla
All styling and photography done by me!
Wardrobe by Sourpuss Clothing
Please visit Sourpuss Clothing's blog to keep up with the newest fashions and 'like' them on Facebook.
Thanks for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla

Visit Meagan's Blog here: COFFIN KITSCH


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