Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Sourpuss Gloves!

New Sourpuss creepy, cute Gloves are in just in time for the chilly Fall months! Keep those cold dead hands a little warmer with our knuckle printed Drop Dead, Hard Luck, Doll Face (complete with small wrist bows), I Heart Brains, Girly Things, and Live Fast gloves. And don't forget our classic Skeleton Hands gloves, perfect for any guy or ghoul lurking around this Halloween!

Don't miss these new Gel Candles feat. a Preserved Brain, Heart, & Fetus • New Vintage Styled Jewelry feat. everything from Tattooed Strong Men to Seahorses • Keep even warmer with our new lightweight, knit scarves featuring all over prints of Skulls & Bats • Tons of New Iron Fist • Restocks on Rat Fink Bobbleheads • Black Market Art T's • Dashboard Zombies • Switchblade Stiletto & More!

Enter now to win a piece of jewelry from the new Classic Hardware jewelry collection! All you have to do is leave a comment on our post HERE about their new set of classically inspired jewelry featuring everything from sleek sparrows to chunky anchors and cherries for a chance to win!


  1. I love the classic key dangle earrings! Gorgeous!Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I am absolutely in LOVE with the "Bee Parade Bracelet"!! It has Victorian charm to it, but is more of an oddity & a curiosity!! It's almost like insect taxidermy, with those life-like bees in silver, displayed on a backboard (that happens to be TOO CUTE with it's polka dots!!), but this bracelet has harmed NO real insects here! It's a brilliant & clever design that happens to be serious with a twist & a pinch (or four!) of cuteness & glamour! I think it's great that Classic Hardware is always coming up with incredibly different & creative new styles all the time! Kudos to the new collection, Of course I like more of the pieces like the Black beaded double strand Necklace with bows at either side, and the cherries set, or Cherry Bird Necklace!! There are some GREAT new styles to choose from that are *indeed*, CLASSIC!! ^_^
    Cheers for the wonderful giveaway!! How fun!

  3. I love their "Classic Perky Bow Necklace"!! Simple, but looks so great! I would love to parade that around my neck!