Friday, January 20, 2012

Scares That Care

        Scares That Care is a non-profit organization that provides money, toys and other items to help sick children. Horror film director and retired police officer, Joe Ripple runs the show. Alongside benefit events, he has created a great website that not only accepts donations via Paypal (how easy is that?!), but sells donated new and/or collectible horror and Halloween-themed items. They've raised over $10,000 thus far and 100% percent of funds raised go to the families in need. If you are looking to make a charitable purchase or to find out how you can donate some of your own haunted collectibles, please check out:

New Sourpuss Tangled Web Strapless Cocktail Dresses!

You're gonna want to get "Tangled" in this dress! Our strapless cocktail dress has an all over spider print, 2 decorative buttons, elastic bow belt with a little tulle peaking out of the bottom. Dress has padded bra & zips up the back to make for a perfect fit!

FREE SHIPPING! For one week (January 20th to January 27th), we are offering FREE SHIPPING! All domestic retail orders are eligible for free shipping through the USPS, just enter the code FREESHIP (all capital letters) at checkout.

NEW SALES! We are marking down a bunch of items this week, for anywhere between 10 and 40% off! Peek around our site for all kinds of savings.

New Throw Pillows, Grooming Supplies for Guys and Gals, Punk Bobbleheads, and Limited Edition Sourpuss Exclusive items! Restocked items from: Dickies Girl • Kreepsville 666 • Pinup Couture • Loungefly • Steady • and many more of your favorite brands!

Finally: We supplied some goods for giveaway to our friends at Rockabilly Zombie Weekend as part of an upcoming fundraising event (Feb. 4th @ Central FL Zoo, Sanford, FL) to get their movie made! Check out their site and get the info on helping out this rock and roll, zombie flick!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Man's Stuff Moustache Wax at Sourpuss!

Need to fix your upper lip? We can help! We're excited to present to you: Man's Stuff Moustache Wax, in a variety of great scents for fellas. From a blend smelling of the gentleman's summer drink of choice Gin & Tonic (which honestly smells just like the drink tastes) to the daring All-Nighter with scents of fresh pipe tobacco, sweetened coffee, and just a hint of frankincense: we've got your moustache covered.

See descriptions of all the scents, as well as the rest of our supplies for guys grooming, Here.

T.U.K. Footwear and Sourpuss

       If you were lucky enough to grow up involved in the punk scene-most likely you have a special place in your heart for T.U.K. footwear. Lacing up a pair of 10 eye boots or a pair of suede creepers was just a given when I was growing up. Here I am years later and I've now become lucky enough to have formed a friendship with the folks over at T.U.K.  The brand has continued to grow but the classics are still around and at times- show a little twist! We wanted to offer you a sneak peak at the Fall 2012 footwear collection, It was a collaborative effort with Sourpuss providing the clothing to pair up with these fun new shoes! Can't wait to get them in stock here!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Serpentine Clothing

Check out Serpentine- hailing from Orange County, These folks are a new company featuring tees, cardigans and hoodies with designs inspired by vintage horror, sea creatures and other oddities. Let us know what you think!

My Secret Zombie Romance Cardigan
The Dreadful Dollhouse Tanktop
Sirens of The Sea raw edged Tee
Island Of The Damned leopard tanktop
Night Squadron lace back Top
The Widows Victorian inspired cardigan

Vintage Makeup and Retro Hair Instructional Books!

Retro Hairstyling Book
(Click photo above to grab one!)
This How-To, Retro Hairstyling book is perfect for anyone looking for helpful tips to get a perfect retro look or maybe if you're just looking to try out a new 'do! Either way you will look vintage fab in the end.

The Vixen!

Are you one vivacious vixen looking for the perfect pinup curls?! Learn this quick & easy hairstyle step by step. Even the hair-styling challenged, like myself, can learn the what & how of these classic styles of the past.

For The Boys!
The boys will come a runnin' when you pull off this classic 40s curled look! I know it looks complicated, but with just 15 easy step by step instructions, you'll be twisting' & curling' all over the place.

Retro Makeup Book
(Click photo above to grab one!)
As early as the Egyptians those gals used kohl around their eyes & stains made from berries for their lips to enhance their appearance. We have come a long way since then, but one thing hasn't changed: Gals love their makeup! This step by step makeup book will get you that 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s & 60s look while giving you a little history.

The Bombshell

The classic bombshell, clear porcelain skin, black eyeliner & red pouty lips. Learn how to get that sultry 50s look! These 8 easy steps will get you that glowing skin & bedroom eyes.

The 1930s
Throughout this whole book you will learn tidbits of makeup history, a little about each decade. I think you will find it pretty cool to see the similarities of what a gal back then would have on her vanity compared to what you may have on yours today!
In chapters like 'The 1930's' you'll get a history of the makeup and techniques of the time, as well as instructionals on how to do that look with today's products.

The 1940s
A little more history for you! If you don't know anything about the 40s maybe this chapter will give you a look into the ladies of the past & their lives. During the 40s makeup was still very important, but had more of a "natural" look. During the war less makeup was applied due to rationing. I find all of this fascinating, in this chapter you will also read about WWII & wearing makeup at work, as compared with wearing makeup in the military. Fantastic chapter with a lot of her-story!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Spruce Up Your Boots w/ New Sourpuss Laces!

Need to spruce up some old boots or sneakers? No better way than to add on a pair of new Sourpuss laces! In designs ranging from Blood Splatter to Sparrows to Broken Bones, in a variety of colors, we've got laces to match your shoes. Check them all out Here.

Also in this week:
Nevermore Body Co. Grooming Supplies • New Sourpuss Items • Man's Face Stuff Moustache Waxes • Retro Makeup and Vintage Hairstyling How-To Books
And More New Items and Restocks from your favorite brands like:
Kikkerland • Switchblade Stiletto • Gama Go • Steady • Leg Ave • and More.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nevermore Body Co. Tonics, Balms, Body Washes & Lotions!

We are proud to offer the Nevermore Body Company. line of beauty products for ladies and gents! Apothecary inspired artwork combined with new & interesting scents (along with their vegan & cruelty free practices) makes these body washes, spray tonics, cologne oils, lip balms & aftershaves a must have!

And fellas: As someone who doesn't always love the overpowering scents of most guys products, the scents offered here are really amazing! The choices of Whiskey, Bourbon, Guinness, and even Capone smells are perfect for the kind of dude who wants to smell better than he normally does, but not like a cologne explosion.
My personal favorite is the Whiskey Aftershave- It's a perfect blend of the sweet scent of malted whiskey mixed with vanilla.
Another item that I'm super excited about is the Guinness Cologne oil. With the warm, earthy scents up front of a proper pint of Guinness, and a lingering slightly sweet smell after, this is one of the few colognes I've ever been excited about.

See the even more great stuff for guys Here.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Warm Your Mitts in Our Convertible Mittens!

(Click thru above to see products on site.)
Keep your fingers warm (or not) this winter in our new convertible mittens! Combining the warmth of mittens and the functionality of fingerless gloves, these knit, sparrow embroidered gloves are perfect for cold and not so cold weather.

We also have in new items from some some of your favorite brands, including: A whole new line of Sugarpill cosmetics • Lucky 13 • Loungefly • Tiki Farm • Steady • and many more!

And a ton of new Sourpuss items as well! Including:


And restocks of: Zombies Never Die Wallets • Bettie Page Snakeskin Daphne Purses •Misfits Wristlet Purses • Tattoo Diaper Bags
And these Bibs are back in Stock: Ribcage • Kiss Me I Rock • Ramones Logo • Kiss Rock N Roll

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sugarpill Cosmetics Cromalust Loose Powders

We are big fans of Sugarpill eyeshadows. The colors are vivid and have a really nice sparkle. Check out the Cromalust loose powders that we just received in- I have my eye on that Darling teal color!

Cats Like Us & Sourpuss Fashion Show.

Earlier this month Sourpuss sponsored Auxiliary Magazine's 3rd year anniversary party.
Retailers- Cats Like Us took on sponsoring a lovely runway show which included Sourpuss gear.
Want to go behind the scenes with Cats Like Us? Check out their blog here.