Friday, November 20, 2009

Meet Pogo-A new addition to the Sourpuss family!

We're excited to introduce you to Pogo, She's a silly little Shih-tzu mix dog we recently adopted from a local shelter. She had a rough start to life covered with matted hair and tied to a door.This last Sunday we brought her home. She's spent the last week coming to work and making friends with everyone at the shop. Anyways, we just wanted to share her photos with you all and if you decide to get a dog-check your local shelters. There are so many awesome dogs out there!


  1. So cute. :) I have two shih-tzu mixes myself. They are the best dogs!

  2. I ordered from Sourpuss for the first time yesterday, and I was impressed with you then, but NOW I LOVE you!!! Thank you for rescuing little Pogo - she is adorable. I do dog rescue & animal activism/advocacy and you just went to the top of my favorites list... see you again soon!