Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cee Lo, The Voice, and the Bloody Misfits!

On last nights premier of new reality/singing show The Voice, vocal judge/Brak Show character/Lady Killer/singer Cee-Lo Green (made currently famous again by that F*** You song) performed and hosted the whole show wearing a blood splattered Misfits shirt.
Who knew he was such a fiend?!

We thought his looked good, but ours looks WAY better. Hit the link to check ours out, and maybe grab one for yourself (singing career not included).


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  2. I thought it was awesome he wore that shirt!!! I love The Misfits! I would buy one of your shirts for my boyfriend if it wasn't a v-neck.

  3. Cee Lo, The Voice, and the Bloody Misfits! ...