Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sourpuss Sugar Skull Contest!

We are having our first ever Sourpuss Sugar Skull contest!  Create a unique and original sugar skull design in any medium you'd like, send us a photo of it, and have a chance to win a Sourpuss Gift Certificate!  Contest will start on November 1st. Contest will end on November 11th at 5pm EST.
The 3 Winners will be announced on November 12th.

Please send all submissions to: w/ the subject line:  Sugar Skull Contest Entry

•The Winners Will Receive:
Grand prize winner - $100.00 Sourpuss gift certificate
2nd place runner up - $50.00 Sourpuss gift certificate
3rd place runner up - $50.00 Sourpuss gift certificate

•Submission Requirements:
Full name
Email address
Your location
Picture of Sugar Skull
A brief description of your Sugar Skull.

Your Sugar Skulls will be judged by a panel of four "in house" experts.
The winner will be posted on the Sourpuss Clothing blog and the Sourpuss Facebook site.

•Sugar Skulls Will be Judged On:
Sheer Awesomeness

You are encouraged to use Sourpuss items in your design. Please feel free to use any and all mediums you can think of. Glitter, crochet, the computer, candy, etc. The more time and effort put in to your submission, the better.
Contestants must be over the Age of 18.
By entering, you agree to allow Sourpuss to display your submitted photos on our website and social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blog, etc.
By submitting images to the contest, you are verifying that you are the owner of the sent photos. (This means NO STEALING!)

Good luck to all who entered! The submission deadline is over.  
We will be reviewing the entries today and picking the winners (who will be announced either by the end of today, or first thing in the AM), stay tuned for more info!

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  1. Can a sugar skull face painting on a person be submitted?

    1. Sure, that'll work! We've already had a few entered.

  2. This is such a rad idea! I'm glad that Day of the Dead is becoming more popular, it's such a great holiday. We are going to have a Day of the Dead party tomorrow, so if someone shows up with some amazing face painting, I'll send it your way! xoxoxo

  3. can we enter more then one? please? :)

    1. We ask that everyone only send in one, but, if you'd like to send a different one in, we'll gladly swap them out for whichever you'd like to be considered!

    2. okay thank i will let you know if i decide to do another instead.

    3. I sent the final entry! sorry i had sent it wrong the 2nd time. but the 3rd email is the right one. :) thank you!

  4. i entered one and i have another id liek to do instead..

  5. I submitted, however my entry is my own unfinished design tattooed on my chest...

  6. I submitted my photo last week, but do not see it.

  7. I'm still pretty partial to mine! ;)
    <3 them all though ladies! Great job!!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Did you get my new entry? same entry better pic.

  10. I don't know if the contest is over, but my most recent blog post was of our Day of the Dead party! We had sugar skull face painting and sugar skull cookie decorating. Check it out :) I don't know if any of that is eligible to win, but it was still good times!

  11. Where are you gona announce the winners?