Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Book Of Beards

A Book of Beards by Justin James Muir

Cancer sucks!  We all know that's true, but what doesn't suck is having an amazing support system when someone you know & love needs a little help on their side.

Justin James Muir, photographer & publisher of "A Book of Beards" & I share a friend in common.  His name is Mike, he's the guy you see pictured on the cover, and in 2011 was diagnosed with testicular cancer.   I am happy to say he is doing quite well these days, but since he doesn't have health insurance, he is stuck with a considerable amount of medical bills.  Sadly I'm sure many of you can relate to this. 

Justin gathered a few of our handsome bearded friends, strangers & family members to create a book of 86 brilliant beards with 18 written contributions.  Justin decided all proceeds from this book would go to help pay for Mike's medical bills and the rest go to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

And on June 9th, in good ole' West Chester PA, A Book of Beards was released- along with a photo exhibition.  It was truly an amazing turnout with larger than life framed prints on the walls & books in just about everyone's hands. 

If you're looking to help a friend, help a cause or just make your friend's coffee table jealous you gotta get this big beautiful book of beards!  Prints are also available if you're looking for some whiskers for you walls.

If would like to get more info, buy the book or just take a peek inside, go to www.BookofBeards.com.


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