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Meet the Legendary Professor F.C. Ouch!

   In the city of Philadelphia, there is a guy who is busy organizing car shows, a radio show, collecting and selling oddities along with a ton of other ventures in the rockabilly/tattoo/weirdo community. 
His energy is contagious and his laugh is infectious! 

  Meet Professor F.C. Ouch!

SP: Your business card has a list of amazing things that you do, everything from events, Radio DJ to tattooing. What's your day to day activity like?

PO: I co-own Philadelphia Eddies 621 Tattoo Haven on 4th St.  I was the first person to tattoo in a shop on tattoos row (4th. St.).  I also deal in unique antiques, curious collectibles, kustom/low brow culture items & event promotions.

SP: On Tuesdays you have a radio program. How did that come about and what type of music do you like to play?

PO: We began at "WVLT" "Cruisin Oldies" in Vineland, NJ, when we went to promote one of the car shows.  They thought we were funny and entertaining so we started a rockabilly/roots show that ran after their "Car Cruise" show.  We were then able to get a spot on "WPRB" 103.3, we did both for awhile.  We were the Young Upstarts at the oldies station and now we're the old guys at
the college! Click here for Roots Rockabilly Radio details.  We play classic & modern roots, rockabilly, Rock N Roll, RnB, surf, garage & a decided lean towards indie, alternative, small label & indie bands as opposed to "hits".

SP: Tell us about your rockabilly night at Jacks?

PO: The twin bar is as famous as the birthplace of Rock N Roll.  When in 1949 Bill Haley made the switch from country swing of his "Saddlemen" into the unnamed new music of "The Comets."  The story goes that every Saturday night at about 9PM, Haley would announce, "All you Hillbillies might want to go home, we are gonna play our new kind of music" and then he would crank up the amps & blast our "Rock This Joint."

  We book bands that keep his history alive, from western swing, RnB to Rock N Roll.  It is an affordable, laid back, friendly evening for music that is good for anyone 21-91 years old.  We encourage dancing!

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SP: One of the things everyone at Sourpuss looks forward to is the Bizarre Bazaar, -seriously so many amazing things in one place, tell us about this event

PO: Well, years ago I had a t-shirt company & shop on Pine St, Mondo Merchandise.  We sold the weirdest & wildest stuff imaginable, John Wayne Gacy paintings, B-movie Posters, Pinup, Art, etc…  And every year I had a big sidewalk sale.  When I began tattooing I closed up shop but have kept involved in a lot of odd subcultures.  A bit later I started having the "Bizarre Bazaar" between Thanksgiving & Xmas so that all us weirdos and alt culture collectors could find "really cool" & unique gifts, plus stuff for themselves.  Over time it has become sort of a tradition, one that may become a more permanent situation (hint).

SP: What are your favorite things that you'll never part with?

PO: Hopefully my dignity… Other than that, after a while the material items have less value than their story or the things that were given to or gotten from someone/someplace that has historical or personal meaning.

  I have had many interesting & missed items over the years.  I guess one of the things that I hold dear is my Tattooed Woman banner that was painted by Ralph  Johnston (Banner painter & Tattooer) for Lorette Fulkerson & Ward Hall's World of Wonders Side Show.

  I also have a number of items from Ward Hall & Chris Christ that have sentimental value, a 2-headed cow & personal mementos.

  I have 2 swords from famous sword swallower, Capt. don Leslie & Red Stewart.  A painting by Johnny Eck, the 1/2 Boy!  Some personal items from Philadelphia Eddie.  Original art by Rollo, Robert Williams, Bill Ward & Jim Flora.  And of course, Freddie Blassie & Abdullah Butcher's Ring Outfit (It's a Cosmic Thing).

SP: Is there anything out there that you've wanted and haven't been able to find?

PO: Well, I found if you research, focus & hunt you can find mostly anything or at least stuff related to it.  I look at most all of it as research & learning as opposed to wanting specific things.  So it's the adventure of it all that makes it worth while!

SP: You are also the organizer of Hotrod Hoedown, do you have anything in place that you'd like to share about this years event?

PO: Well after over a dozen years and seeing the "scene" grow, I want the "HRHD" to be friendly, laid back, down home event.  There isn't the unified/cohesive kustom kulture scene here, as there is in other areas.  So the art/music/style is a unique mix mash of influences.  We are hoping this years activities will be better run. 

  The art show is open to anyone & any media, and will have special awards.  We are doing a design contest for next years "HRHD" with a cash prize.  The Pinup & Mr. Hotrod Hoedown contests will be hosted by sponsors & have great prizes.  Food is gonna be great this year!

SP: Furry, Professor Ouch or Professor F.C. Ouch?

Yes and yes and yes… And don't forget KFC1, El Profe, Furry Couch & Hey Fathead!

SP: Being a collector of strange and unusual kitsch and also working in the tattoo industry, have you gotten any of your favorite things tattooed? What is your favorite personal tattoo?

The tattoos that I got from the real old school heroes Rollo, Stanley Maskowitz, Tennessee Dave & Capt. Don Leslie.  I regret not ever being able to be tattooed by Phila. Eddie, but he had totally stopped by the time I started in the business.

  I've been very lucky to have had personal relationships with some great tattoo icons, in and out of the business.

SP: What type of tattooing do you enjoy doing the most?

PO: I prefer the traditional American old school style stuff, the mythology of modern American male & also Cartoony / Weirdo / Rat-Finky stuff.  The art explosion in tattoo is great but tradition and history of American tattooing is what interests me.  It was a working class folk art form.

SP: What days of the week can we find you at Philadelphia Eddies?

PO: I am in and out, running thing & available by appointment.  I am often there on Wednesday & Thursday, all day into the evenings.

  After years of bizarre behavior & activity I am working towards opening some sort of Roadside Attraction / Destination / Bizarre Bazaar / Oddities Museum / Retail / Gallery / Tattoo /
Misc Business.

  I'd like to mix the retail/museum/entertainment/gallery/other interesting activities together and make a place that people can enjoy and visit often.

  There needs to be more interesting, unique & creative venues/businesses/outlets in this free country!

  It may not make me rich but if I can pay the bills & keep going, I'll be a happy sap.

PO: If I can add… I look at most of my efforts as catalytic acts, empowering & creating an outlet for the engery / talent / creativity / involvement of those around me.


Hotrod Hoedown
September 7th, 8th, 9th
United Hungarian Club 
4666 Bristol Road 
Oakford PA


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