Monday, June 11, 2012

Style your car with a mustache!

So you've been dreaming of mustached cars… Well you're dream has finally come true!  From that very same dream Karma Stache was born.  Karma Stache is a Philly based company bringing you high quality, large format vinyl mustache decals for your car.

And really, what better way to class-up a car than with a fancy pants, high rollin', olde timey looking moustache? With styles like the Fancypants, the High Roller, the manly Lumberjack, and the Olde Timey Boxer: we've got whatever kind of car facial hair you're looking in two larger than life sizes to choose from, 12" or 24".

Cruise the streets with any of these fine dapper 'staches, there is surely one that will tickle your fancy.


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